you can hear a pin drop

Yesterday was a quiet day at home. Unusually quiet. So quiet you could hear a pin drop! After sending Steev to class, the girls and I headed for the book sale. Yep, that one, the big bad one where books were going for a steal (at 70-90% off, I would definitely call it that)!

Once we got into the sale, Raine (our resident book fanatic!) went berserk with Skye only two steps behind. In 30 minutes, my dear girls managed to pick out 29 of the books they’ve been waiting to get their hands on, the poor kids, hmm!


Yes, thankfully we have incredible sales like this once or twice a year where I can afford to let my hungry bookworms loose! If we shopped like this during normal times, I’d be like Ma Baker sending my kids out to rob banks!

Now that my wallet is lighter, I told the girls we can only afford to eat porridge for lunch. But this here is no mean pot of porridge – it contained 3-year Japanese scallops (luckily we didn’t die from this) which have been sitting around forgotten 🙄 !!


We had a quiet Thanksgiving dinner, just me and the girls – partly because we were hungry (porridge digests too fast!) and partly because our tongues were on fire, the black pepper lamb chops were oh so spicy 😆 !

And why is the house so quiet again? That’s because the girls and I aren’t speaking to each other! Well, they’re in their rooms, eyeballs glued to the new books (duh!) and remember, there’s 29 books so I reckon the house is going to be quiet for a while?

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