going back for seconds

Who am I trying to kid here? Did I honestly think I could just shop for 4 hours yesterday and not go back today for the second day of the sale? Obviously not because no matter how long the drive or how bad the crawl, I’ve just got to go back a second round. It’s so annoying… even to me *rofl*.

This shopping cart only shows half of what I bought today. Skye and Raine were fooling around with 3 large cotton pillows (not in the pix) while waiting for me to redeem my vouchers.

shopping cart

When I got home yesterday, I realized I should’ve bought more men’s briefs since they’re only half price and what with the incessant rain and all, I have people constantly on my back after dry underwear 🙄 ! But I only managed to grab one more box today because they ran out of sizes. I wanted to buy Skye one more pair of Snails cargo shorts too but they were out of sizes on all the designs 🙁 !!

The 100 Plus (sports drink) was cheap so I grabbed 2 cartons of 24 cans. The sushi was crazy cheap so I let the girls grab as much as they wanted. And we bought tons of bread, butter cakes and a blueberry cheesecake. When I shop, I’m a woman gone wild! I can now open a small deli in my front yard 😆 !

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