six-week weekend

Here we are, at the start of a six-week weekend, woo-hoo! Can you imagine that? Six whole weeks of nothing but weekends. Are we in luck or what? Just one of the benefits of being a WAHM, I guess. We get to have all the fun 😉 !!

We just came back with several bags of shopping after four hours at the Jusco Sale. Surprisingly the sale wasn’t that crowded, there were hardly any lines so we took our time trying out clothes. We only bought jeans, shorts and underpants. As usual, we couldn’t find any nice tops. The rest of the bags are all food 😆 .


Last weekend, we got the girls’ guitar strings changed so they can continue learning on their own, now that they’ve quit classes. It took us two trips to find the music store which wouldn’t rip us off. That’s what a big help GooMaps and my internal GPS are, honestly 😆 !

Skye’s friends from school want to go watch Twilight New Moon this week. I’m not a Twilight fan, neither are any of my kids *whew*. It’s just as well that Skye’s friend who’s organizing it decided to call the whole thing off.

Except for the fact that I still have to chauffeur Steev since his classes are still on, it’s nice being able to kick back, even if it’s only for six weeks which, I’m sure, will fly.

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