washing dishes and other heart-stopping stuff

Last Sunday, Raine and I had to make a quick run to the mall. As usual, she and I are full of bright ideas so we decided to sneak in a nice little dinner at MNCafe which is this rather obscure little restaurant with magazines on the wall that you can read while waiting for your meal.

They serve the craziest darned Cantonese fried noodles ever. Here’s mine, fried yin-yeong style (a 2-noodle combo). Check out the size of that plate! It’s as big as a truck tire! Totally rocks my socks off!

cantonese fried noodles

Okay, so we ate and chatted and when the waiter brought the check and I opened my wallet, my heart went d’boom! I flipped my wallet back and forth, turned it upside down even, hoping some money would fall out of it.

Just my luck, only some small change, hardly enough to pay for dinner and they don’t accept credit cards *bawls* ! I don’t usually carry much cash with me, I’d used it all up *gasp* and I forgot to top it up!

Okay, this is the part where we put on our poor puppy dog eyes and break the news to the waiter and he hauls us to the kitchen by the collar and makes us wash dishes. How embarrassing!! So there’s a first time for everything! Greasy yucky dishes and copper kitchen sinks, here we come 🙁 !!

But wait, I feel something in the back pocket of my jeans 😯 ! Is it.. is it cash? Woah, 200 bucks! We’re rich, forget the dishes, Raine! Thank gawd for guitar strings! I’d put the cash there in anticipation of getting our guitar strings changed. Good thing we didn’t make it to the music store, whew!

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