nosy parker

Tyson, our regal beagle, is growing fast and growing fatter, probably due to lack of exercise 😆 . If we let him out in the front yard, he goes under my car and starts poking his nose into everything. By the time our four-legged mechanic reemerges, his face is all greasy and black!

So the girls will take him for a run in the park instead if the weather is good. He can somehow sense it and starts wagging his tail like crazy. He can’t wait to go out and smell the roses, so to speak. Actually he doesn’t just smell them, he chomps on Hip2bDad’s precious roses too sometimes 😯 !

Beagle that he is, his hunting nose is probably his biggest fault. Goodness knows we should be taking out a doggie life insurance policy on him the way he runs wildly on the street stopping to sniff at everything and anything, and not watching where he’s going.

Tyson on the slide

The other day, we were early at the park and there were no kids in the play area yet. So we let our little nosy parker have a bit of fun on the slide. At first, he was quite apprehensive and refused to get on the slide. But once he got the hang of it, he was sliding down and then clammering back up to start over. Just look at him go!

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