nomadic yes, mobile no!

While everyone in the blogging world is going places (literally), I’m probably the only one still chained to my desk *sobs*. My daytime PC is a desktop with a 24″ monitor in a room with lots of natural lighting.

day computer

For some reason, as the day wears on, I wander over to my nighttime PC which is a TouchSmart with everything built into the 24″ monitor, nothing sticking out except those pesky wires. I don’t know why I do that. Maybe I was a nomad in another life 😯 .

night computer

Yep, both my computers are desktops. So I’m not the most mobile of bloggers but there’s good reason for that. I kinda like to keep my online and offline lives separate, ya know. When I’m out eating or shopping, I want my hands and my mind free. I don’t want to be lugging my entire IT shop of laptop computers, cameras, battery packs and wires all over town, or blogging in the middle of my burger, or tweeting from the toilet! Know what I’m sayin’?

At any rate, even if our mobile internet services were any good (and they’re not, they suck, that’s why I tell them not to waste my time when they try to get me to sign up for any of their rubbishy promos), I’m not some hugely important person that the world needs to know what I’m doing every minute of the day. So yeah, I know, some blogger I am, huh 🙄 ?

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