unsolicited comments of the month

What’s up with November? Why am I getting unsolicited comments all of a sudden from out of nowhere? Must be the wind and the rain and the sudden cold spell!

Case 1: Bagger standing next to the cashier at the grocery store, with a big grin on his face: “In life, you must try to be happy”.

True, I’m looking rather glum and you would be too if it took forever to get through checkout with 4 miserable loaves of bread. So!

Happiness isn’t exactly topmost on my mind seeing as how I’ve had to walk up and down trying to find the shortest line and none of them seem to be moving! But thanks, dude, for reminding me to smile, I needed that 😉 .

karate kickCase 2: Gym buddy when out of ear shot of his wife who’s on the treadmill: “Exercising like this makes you sexy”.

Huh? Say what? Maybe I’m a little dense but I don’t see how a harmless little workout can get some sickos going the wrong direction.

Think his heart probably stopped and he needs an AED to bring him back. What’s up with all this crap anyways? Can’t wear shorts, can’t exercise, wth!

But when I’m done, dude, I promise I’ll turn on you with such a karate kick in the jaw you’ll have that sick smirk permanently imprinted on your face, okay? I promise :mrgreen: !

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