case of the missing thongs

The day Hip2bDad decided, for the first time in 10 years, to vacuum my car, my pair of thonged platforms went missing! Vanished. Into thin air. He’d no idea if he’d even seen them. That’s what happens when his cell phone rings when he’s in the middle of something 🙄 .

I looked everywhere. It wasn’t under my driver’s seat where I usually tuck it. Then I thought, maybe the vacuum cleaner swallowed it. Yeah, right, bwahaha!! I was kinda p*ssed, those are fairly new – plain black thongs but oh, so comfortable.

So I bought a new pair, also black but with 3 rows of diamonds. So elegant, no? I absolutely love it.

A couple of days later, I was hurrying along on an errand when another pair of thongs called out to me from the glass window. I didn’t have time to stop right away but I went back the next day and bought it. It’s also black, also with diamonds 😀 .

And then, wouldn’t you know it? As I was getting into my car after gym, I felt something fall out from under the driver’s seat. I reached underneath in the darkened parking lot and pulled out… my long-lost thongs, the original pair!

How’d it get in there and why hadn’t I found it when I looked in there? Hmm, strange! Never mind, now I have THREE pairs of black thongs!!! Not bad for not even setting out to start a collection 😆 !

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