fancy juggling required

jugglerMy girl friend from the States is here. In town. She called me on my cell phone from out of the blue, trying to sound all official and everything thinking she could trick me into thinking she was someone else. Not a chance!

Well, I wasn’t expecting her call, right, least of all on my cell phone? She’d never call me on my cell if she were in the States.

So of course, I was fooled for the first 3 seconds or so but then again, I’m not easily fooled. I played along and she ended up going, how’d you know it was me?? Bwahaha.

Anyhow she wants me to drop everything and hang out with her. And I would jump at the chance too, if school were out and I’m not the resident chauffeur. See, she knew me at a time in my life when I was a carefree college kid, single, no worries, no responsibilities.

She and I would drive around aimlessly on summer evenings and honk at shirtless guys out jogging 😉 , jump in the car and go away for the weekend or simply curl up on the sofa in front of her fireplace hugging mugs of steaming coffee and watching movies. Those were the days!

It’s not so easy now. I have schedules coming out my ears and alarms on my PDA phone that won’t let me forget. I can’t just up and go at the drop of a hat. Time for some fancy juggling. Let’s see how I go with that 😉 !

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