lovesick puppies and empty days

It’s strange around here for some reason. Every few hours, Raine’s telling me she’s bored. I’m like, what are you saying? you guys are never bored 😯 ! It’s true, my kids always found ways to entertain themselves even when they were younger and they never complained about being bored.

We’re definitely having a case of post-concert blues in the house. And I have at least one lovesick puppy on my hands. Heck, if I were 16 and a gorgeous guy like Nick told me he likes my t-shirt, I’d be having a crush too 😛 !

Nick Wheeler

After the crazy hyperactivity of the days leading up to the AAR concert, now suddenly whoosh, we have this huge big vacuum. Raine says she can’t even remember what she used to do before the concert.

Not surprising. Once I had a coursemate, a grown woman, who cried for two hours after our course ended, even though the course was so tough we all couldn’t wait for it to end. So yeah! Let’s hope we’ll snap out of it today? Maybe 😉 ?

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