dizzy from star gazing

This has been the best weekend ever! Our heads are still spinning from having met the All American Rejects (get this!) up. close!! They said hi to us, the girls got to meet them after the concert and we just can’t stop talking about yesterday and looking at the 1200+ photos we took over and over again!!

The concert was a blast! See Tyson all dressed up for Halloween last night in his native American headgear.

Tyson and Mike

We were on our feet for 8 hours straight last night and with all that dancing and screaming I did, who needs fat burners? Remember I was learning the lyrics to their songs before the concert. Well, I managed to sing along to almost all of the songs they performed. Last night was surreal, is all I can say.

And Mike is now my new hero, here he is smiling and waving at us (yes, us!) *faints*! Mike’s so sweet and he has such beautiful teeth 😉 . Earlier he said hi to us as he was walking into Pavilion.

Nick and Mike

Nick waved at us too but that’s in another photo. How do I know they weren’t waving at 1000 other people? Because me and the girls were the only ones there and they smiled and waved when I started screaming and waving, bwahaha. Okay, you can pretend you never read this if you’re a fuddy-duddy no-nonsense mom 😀 .

And doesn’t Nick look cool in his red pants?! I want a pair just like that, omg, and while I’m at it, I might as well go get some tattoes and a nose ring 😯 ??! What do you think?

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  • skinnyjean

    OMG, that’s so cool, I love AAR, wish I could’ve been there! And yes, tattoes and red jeans are way cool, go for ’em.

  • OneChris

    I was there with my girlfriends too. It was the bestest night of our lives. 🙂
    I’m so jealous Nick and Mike waved to you.
    Can’t wait for them to come back.