tall tales and toll gates

I’ve had a full day today and man, am I pooped!! We had a late night last night attending what started out as a perfectly harmless dinner that later turned into a conversion program (not the kind you use to convert data, mind you 😆 !)

I spent my entire school life in a religious school but never found reason to convert. None whatsoever! To me, a religion has to make sense and it must be scientific, not based on blind faith and stories that can’t actually be verified. So what makes these people think they can sneakily try to convert me now?

Anyhow I almost fell asleep listening to the fairy tales of testimonials which even a 3-year-old kid can’t be convinced to believe. Sorry guys, but if you need help rewriting those tall tales, let me know. Maybe I can inject more fantasy into them and help you concoct a better story. I got a kick out of watching the song and dance though, pretty funny that 😆 !

And today, well, I’ve been up since 5:30 am for a morning drive which took me 100 km out to the boonies to I don’t know where. My 20 minute trip took an hour and a half and I’m still clueless as to where I made the wrong turning, no thanks to the incredibly helpful road signs that might as well not be there. What an adventure!

Me and the kids spend the rest of the day trawling the malls and wearing ourselves out. My new shoes were killing me but band aids saved the day! I’m truly beat and now I’m all ready to plop into bed. Tomorrow’s gonna be another big day, so stay tuned 😉 !

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