brainy breakfasts

I rarely eat breakfast out. For me, breakfast is a simple meal gobbled down at home in my jammies before brushing my teeth. Not sure where I got the idea from. Anyhow there’s usually nothing fancy about my breakfasts.

But lately I’ve been having breakfast served to me on a silver platter in a basket at Otak-Otak Place which is nice and quiet in the mornings except for those ancient songs they play (those really have to go 😯 ).

Breakfast @ Otak-Otak Place

No airs about this unassuming eatery either but until I learn to enjoy the luxuries of manicures, massages and walk in tubs that friends often boast about, I’ll just have to settle for brainy breakfasts that magically appear before me without me having to lift a finger 😉 .

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