slumber with books

girl asleepThese are bookish weeks in the Hip household. Raine is done with her finals, thank goodness, but Skye isn’t… yet!

Fast asleep with book in hand and music blasting in both ears is apparently the new way to score good grades, so my teens tell me 🙄 .

Okay, so maybe I’m a little outdated in this respect. In my day, we used to glue our eyeballs to our books and fry our brains to a crisp.

Not so these days and I should know. I’ve spent every few minutes this weekend waking Skye from her sweet slumber with books and listening to her lament about how she can’t wait till her finals are over! Frankly neither can I. I don’t think I’m cut out to be an alarm clock 😯 .

If I were like half the moms out there, I’d be snatching the books from my kids to burn the midnight oil myself. But no, I trust my kids to know I will not tolerate poor grades when they know they’re capable of doing better. But if they’ve done their best and still don’t do as well as expected, I’m okay with that.

I never offer rewards for good grades. I think that’s the surest way of creating devious and materialistic monsters, a fact many parents are happily ignorant of as they run the rat race making more money and more money for houses, vacations, rv insurance and to feed their children’s ever-growing materialistic frenzies.

As for my kids, I offer to take them out for dinner to celebrate if they do good at school. That way, we can grow fat together and that’s one big sacrifice on my part 😆 !

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