abc’s of meme

I’ve done it again. Twice in one week! Is that too often or is it okay, when no one’s watching, to sneak around there one more time and grab this from Sunday Stealing?

A- Advocate for: kindness to animals – feel free to donate to the ASPCA here.

B- Best Feature: that my car doors autolock when I hit a certain speed

C- Could do without: housework

D- Dreams and desires: I want that domestic robot that does housework. When’s it going to hit the market? I know they’re working on it but I think it’s still a ways from mass production.

E- Essential items: my computer and internet connection

F- Favorite past time: writing, cooking, shopping

G- Good at: planning, er is that the same as procrastinating?

H- Have never tried: belly dancing but would love to 😉

I- If I had a million dollars: I’d fly straight outta here, wheee!

J- Junkie for: exercise and blogging

K- Kindred spirit: say what?

L- Little known fact: I have a day computer and a night computer 😆 !

M- Memorable moment: lunch under a tree

N- Never again will I: er, never?

O- Occasional indulgence: yes, I much prefer San Francisco Coffee to Starbucks.

San Francisco Coffee

P- Profession: juggler… juggling kids, home, writing, teaching

Q- Quote: Don’t have kids until and unless you are ready. That way, you don’t have to keep praying for the school holidays so you can get them out of your way, or for them to be old enough to leave home. I think kids can sense these things and well, it’s not very healthy.

R- Reason to smile: my kids and Tyson

S- Sorry about: forgetting to smile sometimes

T- Things you are worrying about right now: what to cook tomorrow

U- Uninterested in: listening to folks who freely dish out unsolicited tales of where they’ve been on holiday, and what’s healthy and what’s not – seriously boring!

V- Very scared of: lightning nuking my precious modem

W- Worst habits: frantically switching radio stations to find songs I like, not listen to some deejay crapping all day

Y- Yummiest dessert: tiramisu

X- X marks my ideal vacation spot: Disneyland

Z- Zodiac sign: zzzz!

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  • Lisa

    I loved my old car. It also had that auto-lock thingy and I liked to think of it as my car keeping me safe. My new Prius doesn’t have that (can you imagine such a thing?) and I feel unloved and unprotected (while still getting great gas mileage!).

    Your answers made me laugh and yes, like you, I’d be lost without my internets!

    Happy Sunday!

    • clairity

      I wouldn’t actually die, I might just wilt.

      @hootin’ anni
      😆 Thanks.

      Great gas mileage is fab, you just have to remember to lock your car doors now 😀 .

      No worries, I got everything under control.

      Er, I’m a workout junkie, much as I hate to admit it 😉 .