a dog’s life

Tyson has a face that tickles me whenever I look at him. He’s so cute and funny at the same time. Guess he inherited his good looks from his daddy who is an award-winning beagle from Australia. His parents met at a dog contest and apparently it was love at first sight :razz:!

Tyson playing with a leather belt

To someone like me who’s been around pets a grand total of 15 minutes in my entire life, Tyson is the smartest dog I know! He barks when Hip2bDad leaves and comes home from work. You can tell he’s really really happy to see the guy who actually makes it a point to call home from work to ask if we’ve fed him and if he’s done his poop 😯 ??!! Same guy who frequently forgets to return our calls because he’s too busy at work!

Oh and Tyson is growing fatter too from being around Hip2bDad who lets him sleep on his chest and run around the house, takes him out on private excursions (the rest of us are not invited!) and feeds him all the goodies from our fridge!! Not to mention that Raine and Skye have the tough job of training retraining Tyson every afternoon after Hip2bDad is done spoiling him rotten the night before.

Yesterday Skye let him out of his enclosure for some much-needed exercise and he ran right out onto the street when I unwittingly opened our e-gate from around the corner after picking Raine from class. Beagles are hunting dogs so they go where their noses take them. We almost had a heart attack when we saw a car coming and Tyson was still bouncing merrily about on the street!! Bad doggie, Tyson!

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