My son, Steev is selling curry puffs to pay for his college education. That’s how exorbitant college fees are these days!! Nah, just kiddin’, about Steev, not his college fees. Sure, Steev is enterprising but you won’t catch him selling curry puffs, but you might just catch him….

stealing curry puffs… reaching into a paper bag and pinching a super greasy, super delicious curry puff when he thought no one was watching 😯 !

This project is for his Accounting class and the curry puffs sold out in no time. Great idea, college kids are always hungry and a weight loss diet is probably the furthest thing from their minds.

Each project member has a role to play and Steev’s job is definitely not to do the selling! But trust him to hang around their little makeshift ‘booth’ waiting to get his hands on that…gotcha… last bag!

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