posh Friday afternoon

Ack, another trip to the city, on a Friday afternoon no less. I must be crazy! But this time, I figured, okay, enough of living dangerously so I decided to do everything right, radiator water – check! battery water – check! auto insurance – check!

I was downtown at the Westin for a lunch buffet. Quite a place, quite a buffet spread. I only wish I’d eaten more, never mind that I missed gym this morning 😆 .

buffet lunch

This sumptuous plate of seafood fried rice, braised lamb, curried chicken, braised snapper, jumbo shrimp in parmesan is just the main course. Too bad I was focusing so much on the culinary experience, I didn’t take photos of the appetizers and mouth-watering desserts so you’ll just have to take my word for it 😉 .

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