a great day, almost

Steev, Raine and I went shopping for colleges yesterday. No, no, not that we struck it rich overnight and decided to buy up a couple of money-making machines, nothing like that. Instead we were there to offer our hard-earned money to make some college very rich.

So anyhow, my time schedule was so tight that between shuttling one kid and the next, I totally forgot to check my battery water. Halfway on the highway, I glanced at the meter reading which instantly made me sweat but then again, it’s not as if I’m not used to living dangerously!

Then my mind switched to something else. I stuck my hand under the driver’s seat to feel for my shoes and guess what, they weren’t there!!! Dang! Now I had to end up flip-flopping around talking to college officials in my driving slippers which, by the way, were in danger of coming apart 😯 !

The good thing was we managed to get a lot accomplished in one afternoon and drove home in good spirits, never mind that half the time, I was pretending not to notice the radiator reading shooting steadily upwards as we sat endlessly in rush hour traffic.

So that was my day *sigh*. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll get on with sorting through the heaps of brochures we came home with. Why is it that sometimes I feel like I’m the one going to college?

piles of paperwork

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