Ty’s the word

Life sure is different with Tyson around. For one thing, he’s the first person (??) Raine and Skye rush to see every morning and afternoon when they get home from school. Now it’s more often “hey, Tyson!” than “hi, Mom” *sobs*.

Tyson got his first jab at the vet’s last Monday. He was really brave and didn’t make a sound, even when the vet cut his nails afterwards. For that, he got a brand new leash and bone which he loves chewing.

Hip2bDad drove them all to his friend’s house to let Tyson meet Suki, our friend’s 2-year-old beagle. Suki’s a really sweet, friendly soul and she even let little Tyson bully her. Here they are, having a swell afternoon together.

tyson and suki

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