whoosh week

cuckoo clockGoodness, where did this week go? First it was Monday and I was waving the kids off to school. Then suddenly it’s Friday and I was hurrying up the girls to leave Tyson alone and hop in the car to go pick Steev up from work.

Yes, he has a teeny-weeny job now which requires him to go into the office whenever he feels like it. Now why didn’t they have jobs like that in my time 🙄 ?

I’m not sure how I managed to miss gym this whole week and now I’m in withdrawal. I’m threatening to go in tomorrow, a Saturday, totally unheard of! The kids are going, but tomorrow’s a Saturday, Mom, why are you going to the gym on Saturday?

Um, right but I don’t recall anything in my religion that says I can’t exercise on a Saturday 😯 ! No but apparently Steev has a make up class at college tomorrow. So I guess there goes my Saturday as well?

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