when I grow up

eggs2I came across this question on another blog (sorry, can’t remember which) – if you could have any job (assuming you have the skills), what would it be?

Interesting ‘cos the kids and I sometimes talk about what they want to be when they grow up.

I grew up wanting to become a teacher. I think it’s a phase lots of us went through. Guess I’m one of the lucky ones who actually got to have a spin at it. Got myself certified to teach English and I do it now whenever I can, and it’s lotsa fun and something I really get a big kick out of.

Then I went through another phase where I wanted to be in a band, a rock star. Anyone else? Hahaha, I know it’s crazy, what are the chances? but I love music, love to sing and drive people nuts with my bawling, more like it 😆 .

Now that I enjoy cooking so much, I’m thinking it might be fun to be a chef too. Then I’ll get to play with food and come up with all sorts of wierd concoctions. Ever had crazy ambitions that might or might not have panned out?

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  • Lynne

    If I could have my way, I’d make my living from my sewing crafts. Unfortunately, reality sets in and I have to work for a paycheck! Oh well, I can still dream. 😀

  • Erica

    I wanted to be an English teacher at one point…. and a Marine Biologist… go figure, I’ve got a bachelors in business and work in a hospital 🙂

    • clairity

      And you do sew beautifully… those bags you make, wow!

      Interesting, isn’t it, how we sometimes end up doing something so far removed from what we thought we’d be 😆 .

  • blinka.li

    teacher, model (serious ah??), scientist, artist, movie director, doctor?? (see the 2 sides of me??) so i decided to do something using both my right and left brain, the one w the big A now!! kakaka