slurping by the sea

I really have a thing for clam chowder and eating it always brings me back to that wintry day at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco when I slurped not one but two cups of steaming hot clam chowder standing on the pier overlooking Alcatraz. Mmm, good memories!

Since then, I always order clam chowder wherever I go. I had it at Bubba Gump on our first and last visit there, won’t be going back. And I’ve been lamenting ever since about why Friday’s doesn’t have it on their menu. I think they heard me 😉 .

This is the Clam Chowder I had at Friday’s over the weekend. Lots of yummy bits, just missing the croutons. I ordered this for myself but ate very little because Raine and Skye gobbled most of it 😀 .

clam chowder

For the main course, I had Cajun Shrimp and Chicken Pasta. Nice and spicy, and loved that they use linguine.

Cajun shrimp and chicken pasta

The price of a really good meal like this these days is almost like rv financing. Okay, not quite but still it’s not cheap either. Important thing is we had a nice meal and a great time.

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