how our puppy got his name

Karen, my blogger pal, loves the name Tyson and asked how we came up with it. At first, the girls and I were tossing around names like Obi, Bosco, Max and Jelly but none of them sounded right somehow. They either made our playful baby beagle sound like a boring piece of blub or a big bad bulldog.

As you know, the girls and I are big fans of the All-American Rejects. We went to their concert recently and had a really great time. So you can imagine it wasn’t long before we were on to the names of the band members. Woo-hoo, so Tyson it is!!

Tyson Ritter, All American Rejects

Tyson came off sounding so right after we said it a few times it just stuck. Only problem is Hip2bDad doesn’t know who Tyson Ritter is, so he thinks we named him after Mike Tyson. Well, we might’ve… if Tyson were a boxer instead of a beagle 😯 !!

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