playing second fiddle

Steev and I just got home from half a day at a business event. His business event, not mine! I was his chauffeur and ended up posing as his office manager as well. I mean, who ever heard of a CEO bringing his mom to a business event, right?

Steev hasn’t got his driver’s license yet. It’s usually Hip2bDad who drives him to business events like these. But today I got to dress up in office wear so I wouldn’t stand out like a sore thumb. Can you imagine the things we do for our kids sometimes?

The event went well and we ended up being treated to a 9-course lunch at a Chinese restaurant tucked away in a country golf club. Who knew that playing second fiddle to my son offers such gastronomic benefits, eh 🙂 ?

Lunch was nice, sorta civilized which explains why I only managed to discreetly snap one picture of the steamed fish. I didn’t want to look like a desperate mom hungry for photos to post on her blog, geddit?

steamed fish

I had a great time today but darn it, the week-long break is coming to an end! I love long breaks when the kids are home and we can do interesting stuff like this.

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