our new baby

Over the weekend, there’s been much flurry in our household and it’s all over our new baby. Meet Tyson, the cutest li’l beagle ever. Our living, breathing alarm clock who wakes us up every morning with his yelping!


He loves being around people. He can’t wait to see us in the mornings and dances around our feet the moment he sees us. Whenever we leave him alone, he switches on his poor puppy dog eyes (at least we know he ain’t fakin’ it) and yelps out to us. Smart cookie!

He loves watching TV with Hip2bDad. When the afternoon heat makes him drowsy, he climbs on Hip2bDad’s chest and happily falls asleep there. Pretty soon, they’ll both be snoring away while the TV blares on 😆 . Once or twice, Tyson’s even fallen asleep on his feet 😯 .

sleeping dog

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