pizza in the rain

I was on a vegetarian diet yesterday as it was the first day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar, the lucky month for weddings which explains why we already have a stack of invitations stretching all the way into December. Woe to our wallets 😯 !!

We jumped straight from bed to the mall. As usual, vegetarian is a bit of a hassle when we’re eating out. But I guess, where there’s McD, there’s a way. Me and the kids gobbled 6 large French fries and we happily wandered off to Sun Moulin for strawberry tarts and chocolate cake 😉 .

Shopping has a way of speeding up our metabolism. An hour later, I was driving to Domino’s. Raine got a Domino’s pizza voucher as one of the prizes for getting straight A’s last year. Notice they don’t reward you with brain food but at least we’re lucky it’s Domino’s, not Pizza Hut!

vegetarian pizza

Since when is one pizza ever enough? We ended up with two large vegetarian pizzas and a non-vegetarian one. And yes, it was drizzling when we went to pick up our pizza takeouts, hence the title of this post 😀 .

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