nothin’ like homecooked hawker food

There’s probably only a handful of hawker food that I really like and fried kuay teow (fried flat rice noodles) is certainly one of them.

fried kuay teow

There’s others, like Ipoh sar hor fun, pan meen, that I stay away from because well, they taste wierd. More like I’m wierd, I guess 😉 .

Also the fact that I had 3 bouts of food poisoning in 6 weeks when I came back from the US one summer break. Not funny! After that, I pretty much developed an aversion to coffee shops and hawker stalls.

So now, I actually prefer to cook my own hawker food at home. It’s a bit of work and I might still need weight loss supplements after all that gluttony but at least I won’t get poisoned 😆 .

My other hawker favorites – my home-cooked fishball noodle soup

kuay teow soup

and my dry wonton noodles.

kon low wonton mee

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