what’s the quickest way to learn a song?

I’m in a bit of a fix here as I am under royal command from my two princesses to master all the songs by the All American Rejects before their next concert 😛 .

nick wheeler, aar

I learn songs subconsciously by listening to them repeatedly. But the CD player in my car has finally given up the ghost so I’m left flipping radio channels hoping some kind DJ somewhere is playing an AAR song !

I try to listen to the songs on my PC as I work online and rush around all day. It’s not the most effective way but it’s better than nothing. Yes, you can see I’m really serious about this, however crazy that may sound to the fuddy-duddies 😉 .

Lyric sheets are the pits, seriously and they don’t work for me. That’s why I don’t do karaoke. Most lyrics are rubbish, the words are all wrong and there’s tons of spelling mistakes, grrr!

Right, so where does that leave me? Short of climbing steel buildings like that amazing French spiderman, I really need some help here. How do you learn songs? What’s the quickest way?

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  • Keith

    How I learn a song:
    Find, correct and print the lyrics.
    Read/sing the lyrics in my head every break I get during the day.
    Download the mp3 of the song and sing along with the artist until I know every inflection the artist does.
    Put my own little twist on it.
    The restroom is a great, private place. It is perfect for learning the lyrics over a couple of days.
    Good luck.