easy come, easy go!

man smashing guitarIt’s the weekend and I don’t have to take the girls to guitar class. any. more. We finally called it quits! What a relief! You should see my girls grinning from ear to ear. They love to play but apparently their guitar teacher isn’t too keen on teaching.

Or maybe he figures we’re easy money! Of late, he’s either reteaching the same old stuff, or flirting at the front desk. Most days, he’s in class for all of 10 minutes of the one-hour class.

Then out of the blue, the music school informs me the fees have increased because the girls have gone up one grade. They have? When? How? Did they sit for a test I didn’t know about? Nope, but apparently the school has been charging me the lower fee by mistake and now they want me to pay the difference for the past two months.

Frankly if the teacher had been doing a good job, I wouldn’t mind paying. But as it is, he’s been giving the girls a hard time, constantly missing from class and boring them with the same old and the girls’ enthusiasm has taken a nose dive ever since. They lost interest in practising and I practically had to drag them to class, the poor things.

Well, if the teacher figures it’s easy money, he’s got another thing coming. How about a taste of easy come, easy go!?

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  • greedygirl1

    Wow you’re good and i’m glad you pulled them out of there. There is no way I would even consider paying for the schools 2 months long mistake. Even if the teacher was stellar. And since he wasn’t you did the right thing.

  • Queen Katherine

    Good for you! My son has been in electric guitar lessons since May – and he hasn’t learned much. But the lessons are only 30 min – for $40!! Geez. He’s done as well – but only because I’m not paying any more, either. 🙂

    • clairity

      You’re right, I shouldn’t be paying for their mistake.

      @queen katherine
      That’s it, the lessons aren’t cheap, I figure they’re better learning on their own.

  • blinka.li

    I happened to have a friend who is a musician. He played piano, sax, violin, trombone bla bla bla, i am sure he can play guitar too. He teaches from home I think and also performs in the hotels and other functions(for my wedding!!). Interested?? 🙂

    • clairity

      Hey thanks, so nice of you to recommend your friend. For now, I’m getting the girls to practise a bit on their own first as they’ll be busy till after year-end school exams. Might ask you for your friend’s contact later 😉

  • Keith

    Sounds like the guitar teacher needs a reality check, not a pay check.

    You probably need to find someone more mature who takes his work seriously. Assuming the kids haven’t been totally turned off to music lessons. Good luck, those kinds of teachers are worth the effort finding them.