blink blink blur!


Is it just me or do some people need to have their eyes checked?

Steev and I usually hang out at this coffee place every weekend while the girls are at their guitar class. It seems we were there one weekend and some folks from Hip2bDad’s office saw us there. We didn’t see them.

Anyhow when Steev popped into the office this week, they teased him about having spied on him and his girlfriend having coffee. That’s not my girlfriend, Steev explained, that’s my mom 😯 !

Yesterday I took Steev to the Education Exchange downtown to make some enquiries about colleges. One of the ladies there asked if I was the one going to college 😯 !! I pointed to Steev and politely told her, no, but my son is!

Err, can I get you guys some glasses 😀 ??!!

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