pig of a weekend

I have to admit it was a complete pig of a weekend for me. Yes, I unashamedly abandoned myonline backup in favor of a buffet dinner at Tropicana and of course, in the abundance of such good food, there’s just no way not to stuff myself silly 😆 . And you’ll have to forgive me for forgetting to snap any photos. My hands were tied up with fork and spoon 😳 .

Goodness knows how many sticks of satay (meat kebabs) we had but honestly, who’s counting? I had fried kuay teow (flat rice noodles) with jumbo shrimps and giant squid, lamb chops with mint sauce, asparagus soup (very yummy), pizza, Chinese pancakes with peanuts and corn (super yummy), cheesecake galore, murtabak (Indian stuffed pancakes?). I’m sure there were a few other things plus the kids’ leftovers.

Glad I got to show my kids putu mayam. It’s an Indian delicacy of thin rice noodle eaten with shredded coconut and two kinds of sugar. Skye loves it but the other two wouldn’t try it. Of course, Hip2bDad and I had to have our favorite ice kacang (shaved ice with horse beans, grass jelly, corn and lots of other goodies hidden underneath). When we were done, I had to roll out of there, literally *gasp*.

ice kacang

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