nature’s fuchsia

My kids are all teenagers now and yet they’ve never eaten dragon fruit before. I rarely buy this fruit because I’m indifferent to it myself 😆 ! Bad mommy!

Of course, they’ve seen the fruit before but the inside, probably not so they’re mesmerized by the brilliant fuchsia flesh. Who wouldn’t be? Just look at this! Mother Nature sure had a bit of fun with her water colors there!


Apparently the dragon fruit has detox qualities. With 3 teens, you can’t blame me for wondering if it works like acne products in clearing the complexion.

As for trying a piece of this, my 3 picky eaters are like:

Them: Ew, what’s it taste like, Mom?

Me: It tastes like… (long pause) nothing!

They look at me wide-eyed.

Them: What do you mean? You sure?

Me: Yep, it tastes like nothing. Try it!

With exaggerated looks of fake horror, they take a tiny bite each and reel back in real horror!

Them: It’s tasteless.

Me: Exactly what I said 😉 . Good, huh? Want some more?

Guess who ended up gobbling up the whole dragonfruit?

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