just dreamin’…

So we’re back to school… all except Raine, that is, who has a persistent cough left over from last week. I finally took her to the doc’s this morning as the cough doesn’t seem to be going away. I waited this long because my philosophy is, there are infinitely more germs at the clinic so let me try to be smart and prescribe my own medication first.

Speaking of last week, it was kinda laid back. Though the kids are old enough to keep themselves entertained, they always come around looking for me to chat or watch music videos with them. There were some afternoons they were pretty bored especially when the heat and humidity sent this sleepy mommy off to la-la-land 😆 .

Anyhow we managed to catch a few movies at home and that’s always nice. We watched Ironman for the second time (or was it the third?) and I still love Gwyneth Paltrow as the slim, sultry and stunning Pepper Potts. She’s too gorgeous for words.

And all those slave bots at Ironman‘s house, wow, I could do with a couple of those. Do the laundry. Cook up a gourmet meal. Get me into that iron suit so I can zoom out the window to pick up my kids from school, hahaha, nice! Can’t wait for Ironman 2 coming out next year, woo-hoo!

gwyneth paltrow

Jumper is a pretty cool movie too. It’s about a guy who can ‘jump’ to any location and of course, the first place he ‘jumped’ to was the bank vault. Makes sense, why not, I would do that too, hahaha. Can you imagine going on holiday just ‘jumping’ to any place in the world without having to, um, book airplane tickets 😉 !? Pretty neat, huh? Yep… and you can stop dreaming now!

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