the chef’s on leave but the chauffeur isn’t

This is our breakfast all this week. I didn’t get around to making those pancakes, blame it on the cool rainy mornings, I’d rather not be slaving over a hot stove.


Perfect excuse to close the kitchen altogether and have a really laid-back day. Guys, the chef is on leave… b-but I guess the chauffeur isn’t 🙄 !

For lunch, Steev and I went out to buy hawker food – fried kuay teow (fried flat noodles), char siew rice (barbecued pork), and banana and jackfruit fritters (so unhealthy but so good!).

We stopped for gas and I noticed the Australian Cake House was right across the street. Leaving Steev to fill up, I sprinted across the street to check it out and ended up with these.


I only bought a piece each of apple and blueberry pie to try since we’ve never had their cakes before. Not too bad. After that, full tummies, hot afternoon, the recipe for major snoozeroos. We fell asleep, one by one, till it was too late to cook dinner 😉 .

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