a pleasant Sunday afternoon nonetheless

family reunionWe had another family gathering over lunch at another cousin’s place, the one who used to help us source for life insurance quotes. SIL and hubby are back from their brief domestic holiday and will be flying home to Australia tomorrow.

Lunch was homecooked, seems to be a new trend with the in-laws these days. Well, at least, the food was much more palatable than the lunch at the other cousin’s two weeks ago. This time, my kids managed to polish off a full lunch in spite of what we’d eaten before we left -noodles and nachos with guacamole.

Before we go to any meal invitation, I always make sure I feed the kids first. While we always make it a point to respect other people’s time by arriving early/on time, it’s not a common practice here where guests rarely ever arrive on time and there’s no telling what time dinner will be served.

Also if the kids are fed, they’re less likely to make a dash for the food. Nothing’s more embarrassing than seeing my kids make a rush for the food as if they’re so deprived they’ve never seen good food before! I teach the kids to stand back and let others rush ahead if it’s a buffet-style dinner. We’re not in a hurry as we’ve already eaten.

But if it’s a sit-down Chinese meal, I encourage them to quickly take a little bit of what they want before everyone else “washes” their chopsticks in the communal dishes, and not go back for seconds no matter how good the food tastes. If they really love the food there, I will take them back another time and we can have a leisurely meal on our own, sans the saliva cocktail.

Oops, looks like I’ve digressed. Lunch today was curried jumbo prawns, fried noodles, deep-fried chicken, cauliflower mix-fry and rojak (fruit salad). Later we had walnut cake over a pot of Chinese tea. I might even say the afternoon with the in-laws was pleasant though watching reruns of the same wedding video 5 times proved a little too much 😛 .

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