daydream come true!

Warning, long post ahead!

Last Saturday started out like any other weekend. After our homecooked lunch of egg spaghetti with Bratwurst sausages and enoki mushrooms, we were lazing around like a pack of lions as Raine told us how one of her classmates had taken a picture with Martin Johnson of the rock band, Boys Like Girls.

Confession, this hip mommy doesn’t know who the heck Boys Like Girls are. But of course, in a houseful of teens, you don’t stay ignorant on stuff like this for long. That’s when I found out our favorite Hoobastank and All-American Rejects are in town for MTV World Stage and that the concert tickets are not sold but have to be won!

I knew my girls were excited at the prospect of AAR being here but we didn’t have tickets 🙁 . So we sat around joking about staking them out for autographs and photos. Yeah, just daydreaming and having a few good laughs!

Then the door opens and Hip2bDad comes in from a morning of golf waving 4 tickets to the MTV concert! For a split second, you could practically hear a pin drop as the sight of the red tickets sank in, then there was dancing on the bed. Talk about a daydream come true 😀 . How did Hip2bDad know the girls wanted to go so, so bad??

AAR - Nick Wheeler & Tyson Ritter 'live'!
Nick Wheeler & Tyson Ritter (AAR)

We jumped in the car and got to Sunway early but we wanted to get some dinner before we went in. Guess what, I forgot my wallet. Ack, we didn’t have a cent on us, not one frickin’ cent! and Hip2bDad had dropped us off and driven away. OMG!

Luckily Raine remembered she had some leftover change stashed away in one of the backpacks. We rummaged around and found 45 bucks! Gosh, you wouldn’t believe the sheer joy of finding 45 bucks! Now we had to hunt for food that would cost us less than that!!

We ended up at Carl’s Jr and stood back doing the mental arithmetic of how many burgers we could buy with that money. OMG, we felt like we were in a movie! Turned out we could only afford 3 burger sets for the 4 of us. Fine! We could live with that! As long as we didn’t have to run empty!

Well, I had some biscuits in my backpack we could crunch later. Or so I thought. Until the guard confiscated our biscuits at the entrance to the concert. He insisted we couldn’t take any food or drinks into the concert area. Jerk! Later we realized that was because the organizers were selling food and drinks INside at rip-off prices!!

After dinner at Carl’s, we were left with only 7 bucks to our names! As we approached the line and saw the number of people streaming in, I imagined we’d feel a whole lot better if we got ourselves some surgical masks to wear. Just in case, ya know! I mean, this IS, after all, a health hazard, a totally unnecessary one, if you ask me! But the kids were so excited I decided to throw caution to the wind, just this once 😛 !

Hoobastank - Douglas Robb woo-hoo!
Douglas Robb (Hoobastank)

Inside the concert area, we found a spot right in front of the stage though we were pretty far back. Thankfully we didn’t have to wait long, the concert started at 6pm. It seemed like each band had like 20 minutes to perform. So we calculated the concert would last maybe 3 hours?

Wrong! There were 30-45 minute breaks between each band’s performance where the VJs, complete with fake accents, pelted the crowd with brilliant questions 🙄 , then flung out free t-shirts if they got the answers they wanted to hear. Pretty childish stuff!

It was a humid night after the drizzle. With our face masks on, we camped out on the plastic raincoats they distributed earlier, hanging out our tongues as we watched the chilled mineral bottles go by. We had only 2 bucks left, not enough to even buy us one miserable bottle of water!

Squatting there like Bedouins in the Sahara, we had to be content with mirages of water passing by. We only stood up to watch the 3 bands we came to see – Boys Like Girls, Hoobastank and All-American Rejects. As for the rest, we didn’t know them and we didn’t bother.

Martin Johnson (Boys Like Girls)
Martin Johnson (BLG)

It was a long wait for Hoobastank and AAR, trust them to save the best for last, but when they finally appeared, Steev went into a photo frenzy while me and the girls screamed and danced like complete nerds 😆 . Imagine seeing and hearing our favorite bands right in front of us with our favorite songs like “The Reason”, “Dirty Little Secret” and “Gives You Hell” LIVE!! Now that’s got to be something 😉 !

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