pancakes unlimited

Well, the good week was going so, so good that if you tried visiting my blogs the past couple of days, you’ll have seen a nasty message saying ‘this site has been temporarily suspended’. Sorry about that but really, it isn’t that I did anything naughty to get suspended! Nothing like that 🙄 !

Truth is Steev got a huge traffic spike on his business site which overloaded our hosting server capacity and brought it crashing down. That can’t be bad, can it? Heck, we’d kill to get traffic like that!! My son’s a genius, what can I say, he’s got my good genes 😉 !

On a lighter note, we took a break from pancakes last weekend. We’ve been stuffing ourselves silly with these delish pancakes two weekends in a row. How crazy is that?


Between the 5 of us, we actually manage to gobble up 40+ pancakes of this size in one weekend. Imagine that 😆 ! Promised the kids another pancakes unlimited adventure, woo-hoo!!

Speaking of adventures, another major excitement happened last weekend. Watch out for that in my next post.

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