this week’s been a good good week

I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot this week. I got around to the bank (finally), got my groceries done early, mentally planned my lunch menus for next week (more or less), dissed the marketing kid from OneCard who doesn’t know the first thing about customer service, bwahaha.

Feels good, yeah, that I got quite a bit done though I missed gym again yesterday. No big deal, that’s what happens when the kids are home and my first reflex is to reach out and slam down the snooze button, then drift blissfully back to la-la-land.

But this morning, I had to drop Skye off at school. Her project paper is due today and knowing Skye, she’ll be restless till she turns it in. I’m worried, of course, compounded by the fact that even Raine’s teacher was telling the class she doesn’t want to die! OMG, coming from a teacher, this is terrible!

There’s been a second round of confirmed HiNi cases at her school and short of going in there to disinfect the classrooms myself, I guess I’ll just have to hope the multi-vitamins do their job. Judging by what I saw when I dropped Skye off, there aren’t many kids in school today. Glad some parents are finally wising up and keeping their healthy kids home.