keep ’em to yourself

germsAfter a rather stressful weekend, I was hoping this would be a good week. Still it’s only Wednesday so there’s every chance it could still turn out to be a good week but for now, I’m pretty stressed.

Skye has just recovered from fever and flu. I didn’t take her to see a doctor lest she gets exposed to even more deadly germs at the clinic. Besides there’s already a doctor in the house. Hi, Dr Mom here 😉 ! I kept her from school for 3 days and pumped her up with Vitamin C, cod liver oil and lots of fluids.

Barely 3 days back in school and I’ve pulled her, and Raine, out of school again… for the rest of this week. There’s a full-blown flu bug going on out there and folks are still happily sending their kids, coughing and sneezing, to school.

On a good day, fine, they can bundle their kids off to school or camp, farm them out to every tuition class in town, sell them off on eBay, whatever, that’s their prerogative but not when their kids are sick as rain-soaked kittens.

Same goes for the bank officer who was openly sharing his cough with everyone and everything. Nice going, man! I had to do a quick errand at the bank this morning and dang it, this bank officer handled my transaction!! Ew!

I complained to another bank officer that the guy shouldn’t even be at work! Strangely all the other bank staff were wearing masks except him!!! Geez! When he’s not processing transactions, I sure hope he’s not looking for panama city beach hotel deals so he can share his germs with the rest of the world, the nerve of him!!

After I left the bank a half hour later, my throat felt itchy and scratchy. OMG, so soon? I sped home, drowned my bank documents in antiseptic and OD’d on 2000mg of Vitamin C! Thanks, man! No, really, it would be nice if people just keep their germs to themselves.

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