bonding in the boonies

reunionWe drove out to the boonies today. SIL is in town with her hubby and staying with some cousins. It’s a half hour drive which turned into a frustrating 1.5 hours of wrong turns, u-turns, endless phone calls and needless waiting, no thanks to the wonderful directions provided by the cousin.

When all else failed, she decided to drive out and meet us so she could lead us to her house. The strange thing was when she got to where we said we were at, she sat in her car and waited instead of calling us, and we were sitting in our car just across the street waiting for her to call, which she never did. Brilliant!!

We finally arrived at the house way past 1pm and were quickly hustled to lunch by the outlaws. The thing I love about these little family reunions is that me and the kids get to sit there completely mesmerized in a crossfire of alien conversation, nodding like clockwork puppets with a stilted smile pasted on our faces. Have you ever tried it? It’s so liberating 🙄 .

Today though, none of us was prepared for what we saw on the dining table! There was bamboo shoots fried with bamboo shoots, chives fried with squid, and sea slugs (ew!!) fried with green peppers. OMG, except for the squid and green peppers, these are foods I’ve never cooked before, so my kids were naturally speechless. Where’s the spaghetti and pizza, I’m sure they were silently screaming inside!!

Oh, of course, there was chicken cooked in wine which reminds me too much of confinement food, yuck! and which the kids wouldn’t touch either. Luckily there was a plate of steamed fish, which though overcooked and buried under tons of thick ginger strips, was the only thing that looked vaguely familiar.

All in all, our day with the outlaws went extremely well and we drove home in silence, each recuperating from the afternoon of intense family bonding 😯 . We couldn’t have been more relieved when the scenery on the highway became familiar and we knew we were back in civilization once more. Home sweet home, whew!!

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