good genes, bad genes

dna strandsWhen blinka, my longtime blogger friend, made a comment about good genes on my earlier post, it made me smile thinking how Hip2bDad and I are always trying to see ourselves in our kids. We’re joking about our quirks, similarities and differences, likes and dislikes all the time.

When Steev was little, he was full of impressive surprises. At 18 months, he could assemble a pretty complex 36-piece jigsaw puzzle completely unassisted. Hip2bDad is quick to claim Steev got those from his good genes. Yeah, right!

Everyone says Raine looks like me, even to the extent of her full moon butt (think JLo and Beyonce). Hip2bDad claims it must be Mom’s bad genes. But I say it’s my good genes she loves to write 😛 .

Skye likes things like sweet potatoes and green beans which the other two would barely touch! See, she has Daddy’s good genes, he brags. But my good genes say she’s so slim and trim she won’t ever need to read a noxycut review.

How is it that all the good genes come from Daddy and all the bad ones come from Mom 😆 ? Hmmph, I wonder.

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