strumming downhill

We’ve been talking about stopping Raine and Skye’s guitar lessons. It’s not that they’ve lost interest, no. But right now, they seem more interested in listening to music than playing it. True, they’ve been at it for almost a year and have the basics down. By now, I’m guessing they should be playing songs. Not.

At the same time though, the classes are becoming more of a drag now. The teacher isn’t the fun guy they started out with. For some reason, he seems distracted and often disappears from class to smoke or flirt with the staff outside, leaving my girls to practise on their own.

playing the guitar

Earlier on, he asked the girls to give him a CD of their favorite songs that they wanted to learn. He said he liked the songs on the CD too and briefly taught a couple of songs from it. Our CD has never been seen again. Now he’s on to teaching songs by people whom the girls say are from their grandpa’s generation, people like Eric Clapton!! So let’s see where we go from here. We haven’t quit yet but we’re on the verge of.

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  • Stacey

    I’ve seen that happen before with music teachers. I think sometimes they look at this as “easy money” and therefor can do what they want. I’d take a break from it for a while and research other teachers in the area.

    I left an award for you at my site – Have a great day!

    • clairity

      He’s just raised the fees for no apparent reason too. So yes, he probably figures it’s easy money. Great thought about looking around, we’re definitely going to take a break, hopefully soon. And thanks for the award 😀 .

  • Stacie

    That’s really a shame when the kids start losing interest in their teacher when it’s not fun anymore. At least they didn’t lose interest in music 🙂