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I finally got off my butt and hit the gym this morning. Yep, after what seems like two weeks of playing hooky. If I sit around any longer, I swear I’m going to need diet pills.

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Speaking of which, I came across an interesting article today on BBC News. Researchers from the UK and US say if you want to stay slim, you shouldn’t hang out with fat friends because they are going to make you obese too.

I think there’s some truth to that. Case in point, my roomie at college was plump and her boyfriend was not. But over time, I noticed he got fatter and was looking to be her size.

Now between me and my roomie, she was the better cook. So she did most of the cooking while me and her boyfriend did most of the eating. We would sit around the dinner table, chat and eat and eat, a lot.

After a while, I could feel my clothes getting tighter. Living with her was definitely making me fatter. Thankfully it wasn’t as drastic for me as it was for her boyfriend. But even then, I definitely gained weight and noticed a change in my eating habits.

Tam Fry of the UK Obesity Forum says in the article that “it boils down to shared bad habits. If you go to dinner with your friends who are fat, you are liable to eat the same foods that made them fat. Research shows children could also pick up bad habits from their parents.”

When my picky eaters were little, I would say “don’t be picky, this is good for you”, and I’d be happy when they polished up what I served them. Now that they’re teens, I’m insisting they be picky and “you shouldn’t be eating that, that’s bad for you” 😆 .

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