all quiet

So all is quiet… after the flurry of activity over the weekend. I’m still trying to catch up on my beauty sleep. Yep, still kinda lazy and sluggish and moving around like a snail 😆 .

sleepy baby

This blog’s quietened down too after the slew of visitors. But then, it’s usually pretty quiet here and no one comments unless I write a crappy post which isn’t very often as I’m not much of a crapper. I notice that’s the kind of post people like to read *yawn*.

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  • Sandy

    That sounds logical, but being around people who are heavy actually makes me eat less, cause I don’t want to get to their weight. My daughter had a roomie that had some serious eatting disorders and it made her eat more…that really didn’t make sense to me.

    • clairity

      I guess it could work both ways. I think if we’re conscious about the other people being heavy and not wanting to be like them, it would logically make us go in the opposite direction.