more homework please!

I’m not a believer in tons of homework. With some of the kids I tutored, their moms would call and ask why I haven’t given them much homework. The whole point of homework is to reinforce learning, or at least that’s what it is to me.

But it seems to me many parents want their kids to be laden with tons of homework because that’s the thing that makes them feel like their kids are learning something and that they, the parents, are getting their money’s worth from the tutor.

Homework should be meaningful and given with the objective of reinforcing what the child has learnt. Homework for homework’s sake is a no-no with me. What’s your view on homework?

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  • Mokia

    I was always bad about homework when I was in HS. Or before. I learnt more in the class. Or if I did the work in another class. XD But at home, I couldn’t focus on it and I usually forgot… probably cause I was doing it at midnight when I should have been in bed already.

  • Mokia

    I usually did it when I was done with my in class work… Now reading on the other hand I usually did while the teacher was talking. Haha, oops. :p

    • clairity

      OMG you sound just like my two girls. They’re 13 and 15, always doing their homework in another class and reading while the teacher’s talking. Tsk tsk 😆 .

  • Mokia

    :p I know I was so bad. I always thought it was funny to get in trouble for reading though. I always thought it sounded funny.