mokia’s clothing meme

Of the clothes you are wearing now, what’s your favorite thing you have on?
My shorts and tank.

Do you know what you are going to wear tomorrow?
Shorts and tank, my standard garb.

Do you like white socks, colored socks, or mismatched socks better?
Mismatched, how’d you know 😉 ?

What’s your favorite type of hat?
Hip2bDad’s golf hat.

Which is harder, dressing for the cold or the heat?
For the cold, too many layers and too much laundry 😆 .

Describe your favorite outfit that you own:
Whatever looks good on me.

Describe your dream outfit if money was no object:
Whatever looks good on me. No point splurging a million if it isn’t me, know what I mean?

Do men look better in jeans and shirt or suits?

Do women look better in skirts/dresses or pants?

Do you think little girls (like 6 yrs old) should wear bikinis or one pieces?
They look cute in anything.

Do you think teenage girls should wear bikinis or one pieces?
You’re asking a mom of teens, I say, stay out of the water, too many sharks around 😆 .

What’s your favorite color to wear?
Somewhere between purple and red.

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