learning to read

All my kids were reading by age 4. Steev and Raine, my older ones, could read Peter and Jane books by the time they were 3 years old, and Skye around 4. I started late with her because I was too busy with the two older ones. Not an excuse but you know how everything becomes a blur when you work full-time and have 3 kids. But I guess as long they learn to read before they turn 25, they should be okay.

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One Comment

  • Bobby

    I wanted to let you know you’re doing a GREAT Job – keep pushing on as this is always the hardest part.

    My mother *tried* teaching me to read, but I was a bit delayed due to the deafness. However, she did give me a first language, English, and clearly I can read today.

    Mothers have such an amazing influence on their children. My mother died a little over two months ago from some nasty infection that went downhill fast, but throughout my 18 years with her, she has touched every part of my life, and I am committed to honouring her still.

    Thank you for being a mother, it’s truly one of the most important jobs society has, and yet too often mothers are underappreciated. So thank you. And thank you for blogging in the Blogathon – I’m a 2 year veteran, I know what it’s like – proof that through even the most mundane of acts we can make a difference.

    Should you need a push (or a nap) just email me and I’m willing to guest post for an hour. You might not need it now but you probably will later, what with 4 kids running around. 😉