the spoils

The girls and I went groceries yesterday as planned and we had a blast picking out our snacks. Let’s see what we ended up with – 2 big tubs of yogurt, 15 bottles of cultured milk in our favorite flavors, bananas for the banana split we’re planning to make later, 10 packs of chips to go with my guacamole dip.

Doesn’t seem like much but our pantry is already jam-packed with other goodies and the essentials of milk, coffee and tea. We’ve just had a giant cup of Starbucks coffee so that should keep us going for a while, I think 😆 . Is the Blogathon designed to make us fat? I wonder 😉 .

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  • Monique

    I think it is, I have a HUGE stash of cookies and other junk that I do normally consume on a regular basis, but still not in the quantities that I do on a Blogathon night, LOL. Happy Blogathon Day!! 😀