17 Again

17 AgainTrust Steev to get us girls hooked up with another great movie this afternoon. Being 17 Again is what happened to Mike O’Donnell (Matthew Perry) when he woke up one morning to see himself in the mirror as a teen again (Zac Efron)!

Of course, as a mom, I simply love the great advice he dished out to his teenaged kids about self-respect and the many pitfalls and temptations of being a teen. I mean it’s stuff I tell my teens and it sure is nice to hear the words of my motherly pep talk in the movie 😆 !

Indeed it’d be great to be 17 again. I can see myself in a very different place. And it’d be kinda neat to be starting college all over again! I love school, what can I say? Unfortunately the opportunity to rewrite our lives only happens in movies. But hey, you can’t have everything!

At least it was a laid-back afternoon well spent. Pity those other kids who are constantly being told to hurry up and finish their lunch so they can hurry up and finish their homework before they get shuttled from one tutor to the next, only to come home late in the evening and be told to hurry up and finish dinner so they can hurry up and get their piano practice done before they hurry up and finish up the rest of their homework so they can hurry off to bed before the clock strikes 12 and they turn into pumpkins 🙄 !

Oops, have I digressed? Let me get back on track here. Ah, to be 17 and savoring an English movie without the need for pesky subtitles! Nice thought!

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